Kon Honar Crorepati: Did you know the answer to this Rs. 1,60,000 worth question on UP CM Yogi Adityanath that the season’s first contestant couldn’t get right?

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The new season of Kon Honar Crorepati premiered on June 6, captivating viewers with an array of interesting contestants. The first episode commenced with host Sachin Khedekar presenting the fastest finger first question of the season. The contestants were required to arrange Saint Tukaram’s devotional lines in the correct order.

Contestant PSI Neha Hande emerged victorious in the ‘fastest finger first’ round and was granted the privilege of sitting in the coveted ‘Hot Seat’. Sachin Khedekar informed Neha that she was the first contestant of the season, which overwhelmed her with emotions.

As she progressed through the game, Neha utilized two lifelines, namely ‘flip the question’ and ‘audience poll’, before reaching the eighth question and winning Rs. 80,000. Sachin posed the ninth question worth Rs. 1,60,000, which pertained to the original name of a Chief Minister in India.

Feeling uncertain, Neha decided to employ her last lifeline, ‘video a friend’, praying for her friend to supply her with the correct answer. Unfortunately, her friend was unable to offer any assistance. Overwhelmed by confusion, Neha ultimately chose to quit the show, taking home a prize of Rs. 80,000. Sachin Khedekar graciously accepted Neha’s decision.

To clarify, Sachin revealed that the correct answer to the question was Uttar Pradesh (option B), as the original name of Chief Minister Yogi Aadityanath was Ajay Singh Bisht. In 1994, Yogi Aadityanath took the ‘Diksha’ of the Nath community, altering his name at the age of 22.

Sachin presented Neha with a ceremonial cheque of Rs. 80,000 and extended his best wishes to her.

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