Exclusive – You may call me ‘outdated’ but I still focus more on my work than social media: Kon Honar Crorepati host Sachin Khedekar

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Senior actor Sachin Khedekar is ready to captivate audiences with the new season of ‘Kon Honar Crorepati’, the Marathi version of the popular game show KBC, starting today (June 6). Having worked in the Marathi and Bollywood industries for several decades, Khedekar recently spoke exclusively to ETimes TV about his approach to work, his passion for acting, and his limited presence on social media.

When asked about his passion for his craft, Khedekar said, “Yes, I have always been focused and have been fortunate to be a part of good projects. My work has always been my motivation and the driving force behind my dedication.”

Regarding his deliberate avoidance of social media and public events, the actor explained, “Yes, it may seem like an old-fashioned mindset, but I believe people should be known for their work. I prioritize my work over social media. I still believe that an actor’s personal life should remain unknown to the public. I believe in preserving an element of surprise because if I were to showcase every aspect of my life on social media, it would eventually lose authenticity. Additionally, I consider social media a responsibility. People may label me as ‘outdated’ or claim that I am falling behind in terms of technology, but I am still interested in maintaining the privacy of my personal life.”

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